Tradeshow Rental Exhibits

Total Displays prides itself on providing the best exhibitor rental program available. While “rent” may sound like a four-letter word at first, there are scenarios when renting is your best option.

The Key Benefits of Renting to Consider:

Allows you the to stay on target with your message. Different shows present unique challenges and need for strategic thinking. Renting provides a cost efficient solution and strategic flexibility through a diversity of options.

Invest your money wisely. Less of your marketing budget will be spent on a booth, which might make sense for your current financial situation.

Overlapping Shows
When you choose to rent you can be in more than one place at the same time, grow your brand strength and sustain your marketing strategy momentum.

Minimal Number of Shows
Perhaps your company only participates in one or two shows per year. Minimal events often do not justify the purchase of an exhibit nor the allocation of storage space.

Change on the Horizon
Mergers and acquisitions, new and/or obsolete products and services . . . imminent changes and uncertainty are ideal reasons to rent your exhibit rather than purchase.

Test Drive it First
Renting allows you to “try things on for size” before making the decision to purchase a booth. Once you’ve evaluated the effectiveness and results—Total Displays can make changes for your next show(s).

More Questions About Renting? Call Total Displays and we’ll evaluate your situation and answer any questions about rental solutions and all the services we provide.